Friday, May 23, 2008 

How to beat tight security

Monday, May 19, 2008 

Fun in Thorpe Park


2008-05-18 Thorpe Park

Apparently this is the tallest roller coaster in the world. Not sure whether it is true. Can you see me on it?

Thursday, August 17, 2006 

Wonderful Life

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Before the game.



Players warming up.


The ticket.

Saturday, July 15, 2006 

University of Birmingham


Life has come down to a routine now in the second largest city in UK.
Everyday, alarm clock rings at 7 and it will be snoozed for another 9 minutes straight away. 9 minutes later, it rings again and unfortunately it will be snoozed once more. This repeats itself until 8.03 am. I wake up reluctantly, tidy up my bed and go into the washroom. Exactly at 8.30am, I walk down the street to take a bus to city centre. It is another 5 minutes walk after that.

"Good morning," I say to the security guard. "Good morning," again to my colleagues.
I sit down, turn on the AMD Duron 900 Mhz with Windows 2000, and start my day by looking at the works I did the previous day. After a while, either I ask "anyone wants a drink?" Or me been asked. Normally, I ask for a cup of coffee. The office is normally very quiet except some background air conditioning noise. Everyone is focusing on their own task from the outlook. This tranquillity is broken when a geologist comes in. He likes to tell story and he can walk around to tell people his story. This sounds that he only talks boring stuffs but it is not; his story is mind-blowing. Every story has its own twist and excitement in it. It is good entertainment.

Time passes without anyone notices its existent. It is now 12.30 in the afternoon. It is time for a break and fix our stomach. 3 placement students walk down to a shop and grap some sandwiches in no time. We are then chit-chatting while eating in the office kitchen, normally for half an hour before I walk around the office and try to talk with my other colleagues or to find out what they are doing. It is good to know what people are doing and how they do things.

Every now and then, I walk to the water cooler for some water. It is considered some sort of exercise in the office. Sitting all day long is bad for health.

Time passes but the sun still does not want to rest. He is too energetic to rest. He wants to see the land sleeps before it does. Welcome to summer. After the work, a group of friends normally gather around for dinner or go for a movie. The members in the group changes with time; Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese (from China of course) and BBC. There is no boring life here in Birmingham.

The cyber space is my second hometown. I normally have a walk on this land before the day is concluded. That's a day in Birmingham.~~


Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Word Power

One must always have a positive mind.
One must never use negative statements.
Start changing your life now by eliminating all negative phrases to powerful motivating statements.

It's one of those days------------------------------------ I could be having a much better day
I have a real problem------------------------------------- I need/want some solutions/answers
I'm confused--------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd like some clarity
I never have enough time------------------- I want/need more time/to manage time better
I don't know what to do----------------------------------- I know I'll make the right decision
It's so hard, difficult, tough----------------------------------------- I'd like it to be a lot easier
I have to------------------------------------------------------ I'd like to/I choose to/I'd be glad to
I'm going nowhere fast------------------------------------------ I'm learning/making progress
Business is always feast or famine------------------------- I want a steady flow of business
I can't do anything right today--------------- I could use more focus/be more productive
I'm always late--------------------------------------------------- I'm learning/want to be on time
I'm overwhelmed------------------------------------------- I need/could use some support/help
I screwed up--------------------------------------------------- I'm responsible, I made a mistake
What a stupid mistake----------------------------------- I guess I just learned something new
It's taking too much time---------------------------------------- Things could be moving faster
I hate my job-------------- I could use a shift in perspective. I want to appreciate my job
I can't stand-------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm learning patience
I disagree--------------------------------------------------- I understand AND I'd like to explore
That'll never work-------------------------- Please explain how you would make that work
You never listen to me---------------------------------------------- You could be more attentive
She's got a real attitude---------------- She could have a better attitude/be more helpful
It's so hard to meet people----------------- I want/need to find more ways to meet people
You're totally unique-------------------------------------------------------- Just say "Thank You"
It's too good to be true------------------------------------------ I deserve it/I 'd like to believe
If only----------------------------------------------------- I've learned a lot from my experiences
I can't afford------------------------------ I'm choosing to economize/I have other priorities
I can't do that----------------------------------------------- I haven't learned how to do that yet
I forgot------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It slipped my mind
I get every cold that goes around------------------ My immune system could be healthier
I'm so tired------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need more energy
I feel lousy----------------------------------------------------------- I could be feeling a lot better
I'm too shy---------------------------------------------- I'd like to be more outgoing, confident
I'm nervous------------------------------------------------ I'd like to be more relaxed/confident
I'm dying/anxious to do, see----------------------------- I'm looking forward to, I'm excited
Should, Can't, But------------------------------------------------------------------ Could, Can, And
Always, Never, Constantly---------------------------------------------------- Sometimes/At times

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?(岰?
 こんにちは。 踱肯?藞?
 你好。 fQ:毗  ?
 こんばんは。 】去杲
 晚上好。 w?齸蝾 ?
 おはようございます。 #鬗秘?ev
 早上好。 ╟0h妒膽諙
 お休(やす)みなさい。 o虏P^棅阂l
 晚安。 /筗鐔hY颹?
 お元気(げんき)ですか。 jdDA嗙.?
 您还好吧,相当于英语的"How are you",一种打招呼的方式。 0貉箤p稉
 いくらですか。 (?早穂q
 多少钱? gh 9簷?
 すみません。 ?o場翊 噱
 不好意思,麻烦你…。相当于英语的"Excuse me"。用于向别人开口时。 z!密鵛叐
 ごめんなさい。 k羒痆秏
 对不起。 Z庉摤飉Na
 どういうことですか。 錘C糊96.JU
 什么意思呢? T?a?|:'?
 山田さんは中国語(ちゅうごくご)が上手(じょうず)ですね。 ds?s薔Q?
 山田的中国话说的真好。 ?轾鈻'
 まだまだです。 嵱md邠%W+?
 没什么。没什么。(自谦) 墽??=巽
 どうしたの。 x+亘S弡D}
 どうしたんですか。 →??V堎
 发生了什么事啊。 S瓮淔
 なんでもない。 撩8,鷄獓#
 没什么事。 ?>?IB
 ちょっと待ってください。 鉉?逶餘?
 请稍等一下。 H嗜h霠蚈?
 約束(やくそく)します。 彅C?*O&
 就这么说定了。 ?X?F葭
 これでいいですか。 圵H?y攲ォ
 这样可以吗? ?Vu??
 けっこうです。 -e尠?
 もういいです。 汦蟌w侄N?
 不用了。 kIh邱[曐葧
 どうして。 壝Y頣`g'?
 なぜ ?0He+莗
 为什么啊? 拧ws猖⒔癜
 いただきます 8Y┭jQy
 那我开动了。(吃饭动筷子前) QX?螮p??
 ごちそうさまでした。 ?酸篽M覩f
 我吃饱了。(吃完后) .ex米S呅?
 ありがとうございます。 辍収勇趟.
 谢谢。 澽馪祄抐
 どういたしまして。 磯ZQVg?
 别客气。 ?`?姬-?
 本当(ほんとう)ですか。 闧? €;S5
 真的? A€唁?lt;傪
 うれしい。 r赨>唹&髇
 我好高兴。(女性用语) ▽?tw?"?
 よし。いくぞ。 衉鞸^儖M?
 好!出发(行动)。 (男性用语) #p粥cU醠?
 いってきます。 (W?S饤`?
 我走了。(离开某地对别人说的话) 恓悁2xa簀
 いってらしゃい。 饚 鐅^嶔6
 您好走。(对要离开的人说的话) IwC?a?,9
 いらしゃいませ。 Kv╄隼環
 欢迎光临。 ?癩?v?G
 また、どうぞお越(こ) しください。 凇 甐cr蜶
 欢迎下次光临。 諳sa趶?s5
 じゃ、またね。 鳢篧瀳啲?
 では、また。 $y^i#艛
 再见(比较通用的用法) 穎 ?j篻At
 信(しん) じられない。 ??vK鍴D0
 真令人难以相信。 吚?/7u?
  琲 慄i?
 どうも。 _禓 阻??
 该词意思模糊。有多谢、不好意思、对不起等多种意思,可以说是个万能词。 裇輥檽攗
 あ、そうだ。 撯蘚Y^6I餾
 啊,对了。表示突然想起另一个话题或事情。(男性用语居多) A鞮倍b?
 えへ? 嘽 s[(&?
 表示轻微惊讶的感叹语。 优,v淓邵n?
 うん、いいわよ。 ?邆?眸埩
 恩,好的。(女性用语,心跳回忆中藤崎答应约会邀请时说的:)) +頙豤F?Z
 ううん、そうじゃない。 ?lt;$豴丹 裀
 不,不是那样的。(女性用语) 篮9dj?Zp
 がんばってください。 撶楕繩L畱
 请加油。(日本人临别时多用此语) j鲰%:;j
 がんばります。 蘲?4茝6
 我会加油的。 ??庩n?
 ご苦労(くろう) さま。 轘D"|KV@o
 辛苦了。(用于上级对下级) UO豓s\唙p?
 お疲(つか)れさま。 Hu氂?忟?
 辛苦了。(用于下级对上级和平级间) 蓤8免蕆衏
 どうぞ遠慮(えんりょ) なく。 ?俌k賂錳
 请别客气。 ?瘏Q?
 おひさしぶりです。 镭?f2獖w
 しばらくですね。 扩绛嘔3.0?
 好久不见了。 [▋Pfy才L
  ㄙ}+ ??
 きれい。 sz`?┑ ?
 好漂亮啊。(可用于建筑,装饰品,首饰,画,女性的相貌等等,范围很广) p?n.+X>苗
 ただいま。 狮U??C?
 我回来了。(日本人回家到家门口说的话) ,龍>鏅7.椙
 おかえり。 鹊~壕)c!]
 您回来啦。(家里人对回家的人的应答) ?息ff0r蹱
 いよいよぼくの本番(ほんばん)だ。 ?餋?垙P?
 总算到我正式出场了。(男性用语) 坪?a碾x
 関係(かんけい) ないでしょう。 姜5鴃东?
 这和你没关系吧?(对八卦的人常用的一句话) C襞+鈱?
 電話番号(でんわばんごう) を教えてください。 ?lt;谽!甇*?
 请告诉我您的电话号码。 3?倶?ZH
 日本語(にほんご) はむずかしいことばがはなせませんが、やさしいことばがなんとかはなせます。 q扤饔頋-
 日语难的说不上来,简单的还能对付几句。 ]e焚?s?
 たいへん! 暋?清38^8
 不得了啦。 壗餧麊?
  }x淴 鐴 o
 おじゃまします。 拸凰("3
 打搅了。到别人的处所时进门时说的话。 褜崁荮輫?
 おじゃましました。 愹<X婙j5?
 打搅了。离开别人的处所时讲的话。 ?r?r魣梭
 はじめまして。 r?<V捥歄_
 初次见面请多关照。 张?僂3
 どうぞよろしくおねがいします。 慍?[ ?
 请多关照。 U?11?i$:
  伉$n c?
 いままでおせわになにました。 \?9浆鯑
 いままでありがとうございます。 6搩﹀9(?C
 多谢您长久以来的关照。(要离开某地或跳槽时对身边的人说的。) ?S?tw)笇
 お待たせいたしました。 彘厜i?
 让您久等了。 螳L}墠?
 別(べつ)に。 *LF燛=?
 没什么。当别人问你发生了什么事时你的回答。 ?w? 莅
 冗談(じょうだん) を言わないでください。 磿o ?-
 请别开玩笑。 y馏{V緺9趐
 おねがいします。 夼滸缀l也
 拜托了。(如果是跪着时说这句话,那意思就是"求求您了") 嶹齑cx徊煣
 そのとおりです。 沦腩よ洔
 说的对。 ?╋?-?lt;?
 なるほど。 ?攓??鳦
 原来如此啊。 ?Q?宜,
 どうしようかな 憦d忻?o礖
 どうすればいい 軀邅愜?@
 我该怎么办啊? |M鸫渇睽
  辕Y` I??
 やめなさいよ。 ?lCT7 }o?
 住手。 ?Z阯逸?
 先生(せんせい) でさえわからないだから、まして学生(がくせい) のわたしならなおさらである。 ig瘡D撑?